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Mlogix’s team of highly trained design and technical experts are focused on the simplicity and the technical sophistication of your precise needs. We create engaging and user-friendly experiences for web and mobile users, and we focus on security in well-designed, smart content management systems. You may be looking to enhance the simplicity of your web presence by creating an easier scrolling feature to drive mobile traffic to your small business. You may be looking to integrate an enterprise application. You may be looking for a specific e-commerce application. At Mlogix, our clients trust our creative, savvy professionals to design solutions that will make your web presence profitable. Mlogix products are designed with mobile in mind, so that your business can benefit from the geolocation and other data that you need to drive your business. We invite you to see how Mlogix can refresh your existing site or build your new one, with a full range of front-end technologies, portal building and transactional security features, and smart approaches to SEO and web-based marketing.


Mobile technologies, social media, the explosion in hyperlocal e-commerce and the growing demands of the Internet of Things are creating a fast-paced, fluid business environment. At Mlogix, we know how critical it is for our clients to be able to optimize these technologies and compete effectively in the global marketplace, all within a cost-effective framework that works. Whether you’re looking for engaging content management systems that enhance your web presence, developing a mobile app to support your services or designing new products of your own, Mlogix is the leader you go to for user-friendly, effective and highly scalable web solutions. And with so much traffic gravitating to the cloud, you want the kind of exceptional technical training and creative thinking that Mlogix’s team of industry-certified IT professionals built their reputation on. Trust Mlogix and our international staff of designers, project managers, and maintenance and support experts to deliver the security and sophisticated solutions you need to grow your business.


Cloud-based services provide your business with new opportunities to grow, and Mlogix is an industry leader in designing the solutions you want, with the flexibility, scalability and security you need – and offering you a clear advantage in the mobile-driven business environment of the future. The Mlogix team of international IT design experts works in collaboration with our clients to create cloud-based solutions that work for you. Whether you need software-as-a-service to complement your cloud data server, or you’re looking to leverage big data analytics with Hadoop or Cassandra infrastructure, Mlogix provides precisely what you want, on time and with the ongoing support you need – including executive and staff training designed to make your system integration smooth. Above all else, Mlogix professionals are committed to the security of your customers and clients, and the protection of your internal data and structures, particularly with e-commerce products relying on Hybris and other design systems. With cloud-based solutions from Mlogix, you are assured of the highest possible return on your investment as you reach new markets and revenue benchmarks – without ever compromising on the privacy, safety and optimal functionality of your cloud systems.


Mlogix professionals provide high-performance analytics services designed to help businesses optimize their data – data that influences everything from enterprise decision management to retail analytics, risk or fraud analysis, web and mobile opportunity identification and more. But “big data” is still just data, and clients benefit from data management services that deliver a return on investment. Best of all, Mlogix data analytics systems and solutions are easy-to-use, carefully supported, and designed in collaboration with our clients for the maximum benefit to your executives and your staff. Our certified Mlogix IT experts create the most innovative computing systems and solutions, using the latest algorithms and industry best practices, so that clients can focus on the big picture of big data. Businesses that invest in predictive analytics and other big-data products are positioned to make smart, rapid and metric-driven decisions. An informed approach to product and service design, market research, or web and mobile traffic, offers our clients a competitive marketplace edge. At Mlogix, our industry-certified professionals are committed to analytics systems that protect your investment while protecting your relationships. Our data management systems are structured with the privacy and security safeguards that your clients, customers and vendors expect and demand. Our solutions make internal reporting and regulatory compliance smooth and effective for banking, retail and other businesses, and provide the innovations and opportunities you’ll need in the lead.

Most businesses seek the most integrated, “one version of the truth” understanding of their structure and operations. At Mlogix, we approach the solutions to your enterprise architecture needs with the highest professional commitment to business, information, process and technology strategies. And we back that commitment with the IT execution that has made us an international IT leader. We provide the kind of synergies you need – in application, infrastructure and especially Java-based architecture – to deliver the highest value and returns on investment across your operation. The Mlogix team of industry-certified professionals has the global experience, working with Fortune 500 and other clients, to design the systems you need to enhance decision making, develop and implement strategies, improve metrics and reporting, and identify new opportunities and advantages. Additional Mlogix consulting services help to mitigate and eliminate your organizational weaknesses, and develop stronger processes within a framework that makes the best use of your staffing, production resources, transportation and logistics systems, and other enterprise units. With the Mlogix advantage, our clients benefit from the implementation of best practices in both technology and organizational management. Let Mlogix provide you with a transformational 360-view of your business.