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ERP Expertise

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates business management applications and user friendly functions related to technology. The ERP solution is such a system that can combine all the functions of a business. Being one of the leading ERP software development company In India, Prime IT offers all kinds of ERP Software solutions, ERP service provider, web based ERP software solutions, an exceptional ERP software that improves the efficiency of your business and reduces your time and cost by automating the redundant business process and enable the users to focus more. We offer ERP development services to all organizations across the world wide, our comprehensive ERP application offers smooth functionality and improved productivity to the users.

Prime IT services consists of internal and external managing of information across an entire organization, encompass financing, manufacturing, sales and CRM etc. ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated application, provides a centralized framework for all business process. ERP software is built with secured features to protect organizational information and data. The domain can add new restriction to the solution and protect the software.

Characteristics of ERP systems:

ERP software is flexible and configurable for your unique business and system can provide large amount of data and information regarding various items at relatively high speed and accuracy.

The system also provides unimaginable high level of security. It can add new restrictions to the solution and protect the software. System is capable of working in a high speed and accuracy.

Having a common database, its flexible and configurable for your business and it supports all applications. ERP comes with the centralized database with enables the users to access the system anywhere.

Real time integrated system and improved reporting capabilities that respond to the complex data and operates without relying on periodic updates.

Our ERP offerings:
  • Custom ERP development
  • ERP migration
  • ERP integration
  • ERP customization
  • ERP upgrade
  • ERP consulting
  • ERP testing and implementation