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Get talent ready with right people in the right roles when and where you need them!

We create custom RPO solutions that help talent acquisition professionals meet their most difficult hiring challenges. We help clients transform their hiring practices into a strategic weapon for their business, and we do it in a wide variety of ways.

Our recruitment culture is professional, energetic, and collaborative. Our teams are passionate about problem-solving and innovation. They’re trained professionals who work extensively to deliver ever-improving hiring results for their clients.

Our Recruitment Framework:

What we do have is an extremely reliable, extremely flexible framework for delivering state-of-the-art service and results across the breadth of the recruitment spectrum.

  • Assess the current recruiting strategy and design a custom recruitment process
  • Establish advisory relationship with HM
  • Build a sourcing strategy by using search engine optimization of all postings and social media based networking
  • Phone-screen the candidates followed by a behavioral screening
  • Building a robust referral network
  • Schedule and confirm interviews
  • Extensive candidate interview preparation
  • Gather manager and candidate feedback; maximum of which are “YES” candidates
  • In depth candidate pre closure; market research and offer analysis
  • Negotiate and extend offers
  • Conduct background and reference checks
  • Enroll the candidate
  • Pre-start welcome session
  • Post-start follow up
Our Benefits:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides excellent benefits in the areas of Quality Management, Cost Management, Service Management and Speed.

Our Services:

MLogix's available RPO services include, but aren’t limited to, the following.

  • Recruitment process analysis
  • Productivity data analytics
  • Recruitment process training
  • Recruitment tools/vendors selection
  • Employment branding
  • Transition process management
  • Process change management
  • Custom reporting
  • Hiring manager training
  • Applicant pre-screening
  • Skills assessment
  • Behavioral descriptive interviewing
  • Interview schedule coordination
  • Feedback acquisition & analysis
  • Interview process consultation
  • Pre-closure offer analysis
  • Offer letter management
  • Compliance consulting
  • Background certification
  • Reference checking
  • On boarding facilitation
  • Pre-boarding engagement
  • Competitive analysis
  • Career site creation/optimization
  • Recruitment advertising consulting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Advanced online search
  • Talent community architecture
  • alent community marketing