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Direct Placement

We get people . . . who fit with you.

MLogix’s Direct Placement Group recruits and selects the most talented professionals in your business community. Through our proven High-Performance Fit process, we get people with the precise fit of skills, behavior and personality that you need for a better-fitting, more enduring candidate.

Proactive Recruiting

MLogix uses pinpointed recruiting strategies, referrals, social media, mobile outreach, and industry networking to proactively recruit the best talent in your market.

The Right Candidate for You

MLogix’s assessment and selection tools test for knowledge, skills, and behavior appropriate for the job, the company and the manager. We also use behavioral screening to gauge work ethic and teamwork.

Manager Match Performance Management

The relationship between employee and manager is the key to retention. We match personality traits of job candidates to your management style. We then arrange a private phone consultation with an industrial psychology counselor, providing you with the insight you need to bring out the best in every person you hire.