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IT Direct Placement Services

Finding qualified talent to fill your permanent positions can be a complicated and time-consuming process. But not with MLogix. We’ve already sorted through, screened and met with the best available talent – and even some professionals who aren’t actively looking – and are ready to help you make exceptional connections with the right IT professionals.

When you’re looking to build a stable and prosperous future for your business there is no substitute for experienced, committed, tenured permanent staff. MLogix can provide a range of IT skills required to support you business. Our Direct Placement services will help you build the teams that will form the backbone of your company’s IT future.

There will always be a need for temporary workers with the all the benefits of flexibility they provide, but your core staff are the people who will provide the core skills required to run your business, support your projects, and allow you to use technology as a competitive advantage to grow your business.

It takes highly trained IT staffing experts to match the right skills to your jobs; however it is equally important to find people who are the right cultural fit for your values and working practices.

With this core of permanent staff, any temporary workforce will be far more effective as they learn the needs and conventions of your business quickly and thoroughly from your experienced teams.