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MSP/VMS Experience

Fortune 1000 and other companies with large contingent workforce populations continue to outsource the acquisition and management of contractors to Vendor Management Service Companies. The VMS entities with their custom applications will continue to gain market share as they provide value to their end clients. They create efficient markets where price and time to respond with qualified candidates are the keys to success, rather than relationship-based selling to hiring managers

Typically, staffing companies prioritize efforts toward filling jobs at their own program accounts and at higher margin retail business, leaving the VMS market underserved.

MLogix responds to these trends with an unwavering focus to embrace VMS companies as our customers. It is our mission to serve our VMS clients and assist them in maintaining acceptable metrics for ‘their’ end-client including cost containment, response time, submittal coverage, interviews and of course, starts.

Our goal is to become the partner of choice for our vendor-neutral customers due to our commitment and service delivery.

In a market characterized by high volumes and the need for rigorous compliance adherence, this service offering is based on organizational experience and process capabilities. Our recruitment engine matches our volume sourcing and screening methodology with your volume job orders. Our approach ultimately enables our VMS customers to meet their cost savings commitment and service-level agreements to their clients.